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How to argue with a girl without messing all up


Every relationship goes through that wonderful time known as the “honeymoon period”. During this time interval, everything seems cloudless and amazing. The world appears to be revolving around the only two of you. Each morning cartoon unicorns gallop around you and birds fly through all your windows to serenade the loving souls.

Unfortunately, inevitably the new young love’s fog fades away and the gray reality raises its head and all those little cute moments of fun look not really cute anymore and you step in to that next stage of a relationship, questioning whether you were even supposed to find each other and be together in the first place.

But, you know, we’re not here to answer the questions like “why do I argue with this girl?” and so on. Indeed, this time we’ll talk of how to argue with a girl without damaging your partnership. Now doubt, arguments and fights are an integral part of any committed relationship.

Fighting is not a sign that things are going not the way they’re supposed to, nor is it an indication that your relations areentirely perfect. At the same time, if you don’t know how to act when you argue with your girl, you putyour relationship under a serious threat. So, next time you feel like letting off some steam – make sure you do it correctly, following the tips below.

       1.     Admit there’s a right and a wrong time for a fight

A child starts complainingas soon as he is angry. An adult will always wait until the right time and place for a high-tone conversation. So, no, you should not have afire-spitting meltdown in the middle of a cafe, in a cinema or at any other public spot. Use common sense and try hard hold in all your emotions and tension till you get somewhere quiet and private.

P.S. An argument must take place in full private. You probably don’t want things get out of hand, but each your action, response and reaction are going to be plain different when you got a dozen sets of eyescentered at your every move and word. You can use live video chat to understand your own reactions.

2.     Keep yourself cool

We know you are filled with anger and rage. You may have every solid and legitimate reason for that. You can hear the volume in your voice gradually rise the as the argument goes on.

Think of the issue the other way. Arguments are literally slow-burning flames. Treat it this way and it will go out with minimal damage. Yelling, cursing and losing the temper is like tossing a bottle of gasoline into the fire. Oftentimes the explosion will consume the fuel faster and end all. Most of the time, however, it is going to start bursting out of control and in ways you didn’t plan.

3.     Watch the things you say

Another part of it is absolutely true: guys tend to argue differently from girls. Men wouldstart an argument from theposition of logic while females would fight basing on a viewpoint of emotions. We’re not trying to claim that one manner is better than the other. The point is that these ways of quarrellingare naturally incompatible.

What’s more, watch your tongue and volume when you try to argue with a girl. No one reacts well to being shouted at. And if your girl is the initiator, ask her to speak calmly so you can both stay relaxed.

4.     Do not try to wound

Not only is it childish and extremely ridiculous, any type of fighting is likely to cause a fatal wound to your romance. The more intense quarrelling and name-calling gets, the bigger likelihood that one partner is going to say something he/she can’t take back. Anger can bring even the sturdiest relationship to a halt. 

All of a sudden you are not fighting over who has to take rubbish out anymore. Thus, most important thing you don’t attempt to abuse your lover during the argument. Your relationship might survive, but it surely will have a hell of a scar afterwards.

5.     Craft a sincere “I’m sorry” at the end

If you’ve fired off a good load (no girl wants to hear she is just like her momor even worse - your ex) - go ahead and apologize immediately. Just say: “Forgive me, I really didn’t mean that. Let me make myself clear”. Telling it straight away is much better for your relationship than apologizing two days later. Rephrase it and let her know you feel really bad about saying that and do your best to smooth things out.

6.     Turn back for humor

Humor can hugely improve one’s mood or light the fuse for an atomic blast, especially if she views it as asneer. Perfect timing is everything. Accordingly, wait until after you are both settled down and offer some sort of a resolution before cracking a sparkling joke. (*).


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