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Jumat, 23 Agustus 2019 05:58:00

BeFull Community Teams up with BitOne to Accelerate Blockchain Ecological Construction in Taiwan

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, RIAUONE.com - 22 August 2019 - Recently, Vincent Cheung, CEO of the BeFull Community, and Polo Lee, CEO of BitOne, officially signed a cooperative agreement, wherein BitOne will be committed to accelerating the ecological construction of the BeFull Community in Taiwan, landing as an important future partner in the area.

With this agreement, BitOne will be given full play to promote the layout of BeFull Hub, and, in return, the BeFull Community will commit to long-term mutual development alongside BitOne. This win-win scenario will, thus, contribute to the development of a more diversified blockchain industry in Taiwan.
BitOne has been a presence in the blockchain field since 2017, constantly assisting in promoting the application of blockchain technology ever since, through cooperating with other companies in the industry. Furthermore, their ambition to transform their abundance of relevant professional viewpoints and industry information into a series of courses, so that investors can keep abreast of the latest developments in blockchain.
Referring to this cooperation, "Linking all the high-quality blockchain communities from online to offline through the BeFull Hub program, with the strong community system of BeFull Community behind it, will be of great benefit to blockchain participants. They will be able to learn, communicate, and improve their professional ability in more diversified ways - thus, they can reduce their risks of investment. With support from the BeFull Hub, members of the community can also gain more insight into more quality projects." Affirmed Polo.
"The BeFull Community and BitOne's operational philosophy are well-aligned. We have been working hard to form a powerful blockchain system of interconnection and symbiosis, so as to drive the application of blockchain and help spark a new industrial revolution through consensus and strong team cohesion. " Vincent Cheung stated. He has great belief that the BeFull Hub will be steadily networked in Taiwan, with the advantage of BitOne's local resources in the near future.
In the future, relying on BitOne's excellent ability to focus blockchain communities in Taiwan, the BeFull Community will spare no effort to provide all-round support in promoting the development of blockchain, and firmly grasp the opportunity to accelerate ecological construction in Taiwan.(roc/red/*) #for information on collaboration publications, questions and other e-mails riauonemedia@gmail.com

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