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Kamis, 16 Januari 2020 08:45:00

Bespoke solar developer NEFIN installs the city's largest solar panel system at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

HONG KONG, - 15 January 2020 - Last December, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort ("HKDL") appointed NEFIN Solar Asset Limited ("NEFIN"), a member of the NEFIN Group, to install the city's largest solar power system.

Following the recent completion of the project's second phase, a total of 4,500 solar modules, approximately the size of a football field, have now been installed on rooftop spaces at the resort's buildings.
With the full system up and running following the project's second phase, HKDL has become the city's biggest producer of solar power to date with an installed capacity of over 1.8 MWp. HKDL and NEFIN share the same commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

With over a decade of industry-leading expertise in solar development, NEFIN installed a comprehensive suite of bespoke integrated solar energy systems at HKDL, which use the latest photovoltaic innovations. The project was engineered with high safety and quality standards to withstand typhoons and salt corrosion. The inverted V-shape design of the panels maximizes electricity generation and minimizes the impact of wind load.
"NEFIN is honored to be part of HKDL's green initiative which brings both companies a step closer to tackling climate change and reducing carbon footprints. It is our mission to help our clients achieve carbon neutrality. NEFIN selected premium grade equipment to perform module level monitoring and generation optimization for this project. This enables us to maximize yield while tackling hot spot issues simultaneously.

Our system is sensitive and prudent enough to isolate and automatically shut down the affected module when a potential fault is detected." said Mr. Glenn Lim, CEO of NEFIN. As a Hong Kong Science Park incubated company, NEFIN is currently developing AI solutions to monitor and manage renewable energy assets more efficiently and effectively.
Hong Kong continuously strives towards building a green city and embracing technological advancements. The implementation of feed-in tariff scheme (FiT) by local electricity suppliers aims to reduce the constraints on developing renewable energy projects and incentivizes sustainable development for businesses. The solar panel installation at HKDL is a project that aspires to motivate others to work towards a carbon neutral Hong Kong. (*).

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