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Jumat, 14 Juni 2019 23:48:00

Citco Launches Suite of Services Focused on Institutional Investors

HONG KONG, CHINA, - 14 June 2019 - The Citco Group of Companies ("Citco") today announced the launch of Citco Institutional Services ("CIS") - an investment recordkeeping and reporting team born from Citco's long-term experience handling global, multi-asset portfolios. Nick Eisenlau has been appointed as the Head of Institutional Services to lead the development of the business.

CIS will work closely with Citco's core operations teams, leveraging robust asset processing capabilities while offering new services optimized for the unique needs of pensions, endowments, OCIO and family offices. Based on legislative and regulatory pressure, investors heavily focused on fee transparency and performance reporting can access standalone offerings to augment their current processes. CIS will be the first asset servicer to offer verification of fund fees, across both open-end and close-end fund charges, including management, incentive and carry structures as well as delivery of standardized reports.

In addition to accounting and portfolio recordkeeping, CIS provides a performance book of record so that investors capture full transparency on their investments, including incorporation of all historical adjustments.  Performance reporting can be tiered based on client needs, including data services to other applications, reporting dashboards or interactive user analysis tools.  CIS will also offer a la carte outsourcing services for alternatives data capture and quality control to meet the growing complexity of multi-asset portfolios.

"Citco has serviced investor assets for 75 years. Institutional Services is a natural evolution of our core administration capabilities and will broaden our relationship with investors across the globe," said Roald Smeets, President of Citco. "We are thrilled to have such an experienced talent as Nick to drive the build-out of this offering."

Mr. Eisenlau most recently served as Citco's Head of Strategy and Analytics, where he led the development and rollout of CitcoOne, the asset servicing industry's premiere web data analytics and visualization platform, which provides the next generation of user experience to over 400 clients. (*).

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