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Jumat, 26 Juli 2019 07:27:00

D-EDGE Reshape The Way Hotels Sell Rooms Online In South Korea

Open your mind beyond rate parity. Leverage on hotel pricing
SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, RIAUONE.com - 25 JULY 2019 - From D-EDGE research findings from the past year, hotels in the Asia Pacific are undercut 30-40% of the time have a 31% lower rate conversion on their website. That is a huge swathe of revenue missed out if hotels do not tighten up on parity. *
Wholesalers are cited by 59% as the main reason for rate disparity, followed by online travel agents at 39% and technology/channel manager issues at 33%. ^
With the decline of rate parity, hotels are strategising to reshape the way they sell rooms online. In a half day conference in SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA on 24 September 2019, the Hotel Digital Lab concentrates on a wealth of information for hoteliers who want to maximise their online sales around the theme: "Hotel online distribution: what really sells rooms today?"
Along with D-EDGE, expert partners will share their tips to guide you on how to decipher which trends are really impacting our industry and what can effectively work for your hotel.   The Hotel Digital Lab Seoul partners are Google, IDeaS, and Triptease, who will also take the tour with us in selected cities as well. Details are available and updated periodically on hoteldigitallab.com. Register for the event in Seoul as seats is limited.
The Hotel Digital Lab introduced in 2016 had hoteliers who participated in our conference for the last three years, overwhelmingly requesting for turnkey solutions. This new series of Digital Lab tour for 2019 includes additional cities worldwide with an inaugural event in Sydney.
"With parity clauses and prices shifting within the hotel industry, this is our way of sharing the latest trends, best practices as well as relevant solutions that hoteliers can apply to drive room bookings online. D-EDGE is pleased to bring the 4th year of Hotel Digital Lab conference to Seoul. This conference has inspired hoteliers around the Asia Pacific and Europe with the knowledge to steer them on techniques to leverage on price flexibility within a broader revenue management strategy.
We hope this conference would instil confidence and navigate the ever-changing world of digital with a comprehensive guide to more online room sales in South Korea," expressed Christine Tan, Managing Director Asia Pacific of D-EDGE Hospitality Solutions.
As the Hotel Digital Labs are dedicated to hoteliers and spearheaded by industry leaders, participation in the conference nearest to them are complimentary.
To register for a pass to the half-day event throughout Europe and Asia, please visit hoteldigitallab.com/lab, select the city you wish to attend and register with us. (roc/red/*) #for information on collaboration publications, questions and other e-mails riauonemedia@gmail.com

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