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Jumat, 14 September 2018 16:27:00

DHL eCommerce partners AuMake to enable quality deliveries direct from Australia to China

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA -- 14 September 2018 - DHL eCommerce, a division of the world's leading logistics company Deustche Post DHL Group, has partnered with AuMake, an ASX listed retailer connecting Australian suppliers directly with Chinese consumers, to enable quality deliveries direct from Australia to China, starting today. 
AuMake's growing database of over 80,000 members will now be able to ship direct to China with DHL eCommerce Parcel International Direct shipping solution, a high quality and affordable tracked solution with fast transit times of 5-7 days.
From left - Joshua Zhou, Managing Director, AuMake International Limited and Denise McGrouther, Managing Director, DHL eCommerce Australia.
"We're proud to partner with AuMake to offer Parcel International Direct China to their customers and provide reliable and high quality direct shipping solutions. We understand that trust is highly important for Chinese shoppers particularly in the delivery process. Our shipping solution offers great transit times, high quality handling and tracking visibility to connect Australian brands to Chinese consumers," said Denise McGrouther, Managing Director, DHL eCommerce Australia.
Australian products are highly sought after by Chinese online shoppers, contributing to 20% of cross-border purchases into China in 2017, up 9% from 2016[1]. In addition, there are an estimated 400,000 'daigous' operating in Australia who act as an overseas personal shopper to buy and ship products from Australia to China.[2]
Through its growing footprint of showroom-style stores, AuMake and Kiwi Buy across Sydney, Australia, customers can easily make purchases and arrange a pick up by DHL eCommerce for international deliveries from AuMake's retail stores with the launch of the new service.
 "The demand for Australian products from China is insatiable and through AuMake's retail stores and the collaboration with DHL eCommerce, we are making it easier to ship from Australia to China. AuMake's customers can shop and ship with the additional choice of using a well known and trusted logistics provide like DHL eCommerce, providing peace of mind that their purchases will be safely and quickly delivered," said Joshua Zhou, Managing Director, AuMake International Limited. 
DHL eCommerce is part of Deutsche Post DHL Group and, along with its sister divisions DHL Express, DHL Supply Chain and DHL Global Forwarding, DHL has been operating in Australia since 1972, offering end-to-end solutions for the e-commerce sector.
For more information on international shipping through DHL eCommerce, visit: https://www.logistics.dhl/au-en/home/our-divisions/ecommerce.html
You can find the press release for download as well as further information on
https://www.logistics.dhl/au-en/home/press.html. (ROC/*).
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