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Jumat, 16 November 2018 17:52:00

GFX levels up the industry benchmark by its strong presence in BIMG 4th Summit


HONG KONG, CHINA, RIAUONE.COM,  - 16 November 2018 - Customer loyalty network and investment house GFX, who believes in the energies of the rapidly growth of medical tourism, has been invited to attend the fourth Blockchain G25T Summit, an influential networking and investment event.  

BIMG Summit brings together the best investment projects

The 6-day summit aboard liner Dream Cruises will set sail on 25 November 2018 and play host to over 1000 invited guests from leading global blockchain institutions, projects and media outlets. GFX will deliver a keynote presentation at the event.

Companies with a combined value of over a billion dollars are expected to be in attendance, including Node Capital, DFund and TFund.

Discussions will further explore the valuation of these high-quality blockchain projects and future integrations and applications.

The summit has been in the spotlight this year, covered by leading industry publications such as People's Daily Online, China News Service, Forbes, Phoenix Network, Ta Kung Pao and among others.

GFX has a positive insight on medical tourism development

After the successful launches of the GFX Loyalty Network and their first strategic investment in JPlay, which is one of the world's first blockchain-powered eSports platform, GFX is exploring opportunities and then next bolster their blockchain portfolio with a medical tourism-related project.

The Rise of Medical Tourism

New demographic realities such as climbing birth rates and longevity (1 in 10 people will be older than 80 by 2050) are driving up the global demand for premium healthcare services. 

Global medical tourism, growing at an annual 17% since 2013 and set to hit 32 billion USD next year, caters mainly for 2 markets: Patients seeking either luxury rejuvenation and cosmetic treatments, or patients needing curative care for an ailment that cannot be treated timely or cost-effectively in their own country.

The APAC market is predicted to soon dominate medical tourism with over 50% market share according to Technavio, thanks to comparative savings of 25- 90% in destinations such as Singapore, Taiwan, India and Malaysia.

Why is Medical Tourism booming?

According to a KPMG study*, medical tourism will continue to boom, thanks to a plethora of internationally accredited hospitals and clinics who offer affordable, high-quality and immediate healthcare for patients requiring urgent care or willing to pay to skip a waiting list.

Medical tourism also offer patients complete anonymity and the added allure of an exotic travel destination for those seeking non-invasive treatments such as dental and cosmetic care that require little to no recovery time.

*Source: Medical Tourism Industry focus February 2018, KPMG in Thailand

GFX Community Groups & Free Gifts

To celebrate the official launch of the GFX Network, they are for a limited time running community campaigns with great prizes on the official GFX WeChat and Telegram channels.

For readers interested to learn more about GFX and their upcoming plans, please visit their website www.gfxfoundation.com or follow their official  WeChat account "GFX區塊鏈生態"(WeChat ID: GFX315462735).

The GFX Team

GFX is headed by a very experienced senior team of business heavyweights that include Mr. Ishihara, expert in M&A and global investments, Mr. Eyal Rosenthal (COO), previous MD of the $600M private equity fund Infinity Group, Mr. Shoichiro Tanaka (CSO), expert in technology business development and Director of Japan listed company, and Mr. Vincent Lee -- CTO and founding member of Coinbama, a Hong Kong based digital asset platform. (roc/*).

#For further media information, please email us at riauonemedia@gmail.com

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