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Jumat, 16 Agustus 2019 06:22:00

IUIGA's Inaugural Mooncake Collection - A Contemporary Tribute To Tradition

This Mid-Autumn Festival, sink your teeth into healthful, delectable treats from IUIGA's mooncake launch.

SINGAPORE, RIAUONE.com - 15 August 2019 - Singaporean home and living brand, IUIGA, heralds the timely arrival of the Mid-Autumn Festival with the launch of its inaugural Baked Mooncake Quartet Collection: An Enchanted Moon.

It is available for sale from 17 August 2019 to 13 September 2019 at SGD 69.90 nett. For early birds ahead of the gifting game, there are delectable promotions to sweeten the deal:

Carefully crafted with the finest ingredients, the IUIGA Baked Mooncake Quartet draws inspiration from the deep well of Singapore's heritage and tradition, to recreate these classic flavours through the vignette of contemporary tastes and preferences. All three flavours in the collection are well-baked and sure to delight your taste buds:

Precious Black: Those with a penchant for classic flavours will fall hard for this velvety charcoal-infused mooncake. Tucked beneath a tantalising dark skin, be greeted by the familiar flavours of childhood -- white lotus paste filling, with chunky dried longan and wolfberry to jazz up its good looks. An authentic homage to the Chinese wellness tradition, this is made to bless the health-conscious as there are no sugar added to this precious treat. Talk about indulging guilt-free!

Pearl of Prosperity with Single Yolk: An immensely flavourful pandan lotus paste mooncake that is a gift that keeps on giving. It combines the delectable balance of sweet and salty flavours, with a three-layer visual treat that is truly Instagram-worthy -- just perfect for a celestial enjoyment under the beaming moon. Crack open the mooncake and behold -- a glorious golden yolk awaits. 

Violet Moon with Single Yolk: The perfect pairing to your cup of Chinese tea comes in the form of a low-sugar white lotus and yam paste mooncake. Ensconced within a beautifully-baked skin, melon kernel seeds offer a mild crunch and speckle the outer layer like constellations in the night sky, adding texture to every mouthful.

The refreshing flavour of mung bean filling -- enhanced with the salubrious trace minerals of Himalayan salt -- packs a wholesome bite. And in the spirit of reunion and gratitude, deep-dive into the luscious creaminess of the salted yolk center.

Aside from having low-sugar options for the health-loving, these halal mooncakes do not contain any lard or pork. The Precious Black and Violet Moon with Single Yolk are also suitable options for vegetarians.

Presented in an ebony box p ackaging, every gift box contains four individually-packed mooncakes. Each adorned with a floral motif that harks back to the poetry of past eras, elevated with refined inclinations for the modern appeal.

IUIGA's mooncake collection will be available for sale at all stores from 17 August 2019 onwards.

Causeway Point
1 Woodlands Square, #B1-41
Singapore 738099
Opening Hours: 10:00am -- 10:00pm

107 North Bridge Road, #B2-15
Singapore 179105
Opening Hours: 10:00am -- 10:00pm
SingPost Centre
10 Eunos Road 8, #01-146
Singapore 408600
Opening Hours: 10:00am -- 10:00pm

Tampines 1
10 Tampines Central 1, #03-12
Singapore 529536
Opening Hours: 10:30am -- 10:00pm

Paya Lebar Quarter (Opens 30 August)
10 Paya Lebar Road #B1-10
Singapore 409057
Opening Hours: 10:00am -- 10:00pm  (roc/red/*) #for information on collaboration publications, questions and other e-mails riauonemedia@gmail.com

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