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Kerry Logistics Forms MeatLab with Sutherland

To Establish Hong Kong’s First One-stop Meat Processing Plant
HONG KONG, CHINA, RIAUONE.COM - 12 February 2019 - Kerry Logistics Network Limited ('Kerry Logistics'; Stock Code 0636.HK), today announced the establishment of MeatLab, a new joint venture with Sutherland Company Limited ('Sutherland'), one of the leading luxury meat purveyors in Hong Kong and Macau.

The strategic partnership will allow Kerry Logistics to combine its cold chain logistics expertise with Sutherland's professional know-how in the meat industry to establish Hong Kong's first world-class semi-automated meat processing plant, as well as to further extend its F&B logistics and trading business upstream the supply chain.
MeatLab is one of its kind in Hong Kong in terms of scale and extent of automation, featuring semi-automated production lines in a 30,000-sq ft facility with meat processing capacity of 1,500 tonnes per month, which amalgamates the meat processing operation under one roof to enhance cost-efficiency and maximise economies of scale.

With the use of skin packaging and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) technology, it is able to extend the shelf life of meat products and preserve peak freshness. On course to be accredited with ISO22000, HACCP, British Retail Consortium (BRC), Organic, and HALAL certifications, MeatLab is set up in compliance with the global traceability standard to ensure optimal food safety and quality assurance across the product spectrum.
Samuel Lau, Deputy Managing Director - Integrated Logistics of Kerry Logistics, said, "Sutherland has been our valued customer for decades. We are very excited to take our partnership to another level. This strategic collaboration is part of our long-term development strategy to deepen our cold chain business, from upstream meat processing, to F&B trading to logistics and final delivery to end-users. MeatLab strives to be a regional pioneer in bringing revolutionary changes to the industry in terms of its scale, standard, and automation."
Romeo Alfonso, Managing Director of Sutherland, said, "Our vision is to be the prevailing voice in raising industry standards so as to give better life and value back to the community whilst remaining competitively priced. It brings a great sense of fulfillment to both companies as MeatLab was born out of our common dream and vision. This collaborative endeavour will result in a raised consciousness, impacting the attitudes towards meat quality, food safety, and efficiency, as well as challenging the meat industry and its supply chain towards the next level betterment. "

Aspiring to be the forerunner of the next generation of meat processing plants, MeatLab is committed to providing Hong Kong consumers with safe, reliable, and high-quality meat choices. MeatLab will officially open on 18 February 2019. (roc/red/*) #for information on collaboration publications, questions and other e-mails riauonemedia@gmail.com.

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