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Selasa, 14 Januari 2020 14:45:00

KpopTwitter rises to the top with 6.1 Billion Tweets globally in 2019

Kpop conversations continue to dominate with a new global record of 6.1 billion related Tweets in 2019, a 15% increase from 2018BTS (@bts_twt) holds the title of 'Golden Tweet' for the most retweeted Tweet in 2019 worldwide

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA ,- 14 January 2020 - 2019 was a huge year for #KpopTwitter, as Kpop remains an undisputable force that continues to make waves across the world. 

With an amazing record of 6.1 billion Tweets in 2019, which was 15% higher than in 2018, Twitter shows that it is the best place to find out what's happening with all things Kpop, and to join in the conversations with like-minded Kpop fans around the world!

While Kpop gained popularity in South Korea 25 years ago, it is only in recent times through the power of millennial fans worldwide that Kpop-related conversations have gained traction across the world on Twitter. Here are the top 10 countries that Tweeted the most about Kpop in 2019:

Additionally, countries such as Canada, France, Great Britain, India and Turkey were also amongst the top 20 countries that were Tweeting the most about Kpop.

Topping the charts: BTS (@bts_twt) holds the worldwide Golden Tweet for 2019

Once again, the BTS Army demonstrated their power by propelling BTS (@bts_twt) member Jungkook's video Tweet of him dancing to Billie Eilish's (@billieeilish) "Bad Guy" to become the most Retweeted Tweet (aka the Golden Tweet) worldwide in 2019. (*).


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