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Thinkware Launches Its 1st Premium Store in Singapore

Amidst a growing customer base, Thinkware expands its operations in Singapore with its 1st premium store opening
Offering a one-stop service centre for all dash cam-related matters

Top dash cams available in-store, including U100 (latest model equipped with Thinkware Cloud 2.0 beta) and X700 (touch screen model) fitted with the latest Cat-M1 IoT technology 

SINGAPORE, - 20 September 2019 - World-leading dash cam company, Thinkware, today announced the opening of its flagship premium store in Singapore -- providing a one-stop service centre for all dash cam-related matters.

The store launch comes at a time when the company is on its international business expansion phase within the automotive industry.
A dedicated one-stop service centre for all dash cam-related matters, the Thinkware premium store will provide a complete suite of services including issues troubleshooting, warranty services, dash cam maintenance and repairs.
In addition to its after-sales services, Thinkware will also exhibit its top dash cams including the X700 and latest U1000 featuring Thinkware's latest Cat-M1 Internet of Things (IoT) technology and Thinkware Cloud.

Customers will be able to get their hands on the latest suite of Thinkware products while enjoying a holistic experience and access to other enhanced recording technologies and supplementary smart car technology such as smart car alarm system, Apple CarPlay head unit and more.
Thinkware Dash Cam U1000

Equipped with 4K Ultra High Definition resolution and energy saving 2.0, the Thinkware U1000 is the latest dash cam in the Thinkware portfolio that drastically lowers power consumption in parking mode. Powered with the first of its kind Thinkware Cloud 2.0 beta, the U1000 Cloud connectivity offers a Remote Live View streaming feature in driving mode and Parking Incident Notifications and video clip upload, in parking mode.

As with other Thinkware dash cams, the U1000 features Geo Fencing, Locate Vehicle and Super Night Vision 2.0 which means clearer night time footage both while driving and when parked with up to 10 times the brightness in dark environments. Users can easily control and manage their U1000 dash cam with Cloud connectivity and built-in WiFi via an iOS or Android smart phone, providing a truly convenient way to be notified, control and manage remotely. (*).

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